Personal Story 

My name is Gabbie and I am an artist with a BFA in graphic design. I have always loved pursuing and discovering the beauty of nature. 
This business idea began when I wanted to create a gift for my friends that was both beautiful and captured their personalities. I wished to make decor pieces that would be the same item yet also one of a kind and special. So, I discreetly asked what their favorite flowers were, and my first floral shadow box prototypes came to be. They all loved them and the idea to share these personalized works of art was born.
Through my love of illustrating beautiful flowers, I have created something that not only allows me to share with you, but lets you give a personalized piece that embodies your personal style. Whether it be for yourself or another who is special to you, know that you had a part in its creation. It is my hope that each time someone looks at one of my pieces, it brings a feeling of joy.


So where did the name PeridArt come from? It is simply an expression of who I am...my birthstone Peridot and my lifelong pursuit of art.